Is Your Website like a Storefront?

technology Jun 23, 2020

The website continues to evolve and the need or use of it for your customers changes as quickly as my five-year-old’s mood. So how do you know if your website has what you need to attract your perfect clientele?

As a retailer by trade, I’ve been thinking about the comparison of your website to a retail storefront. Now I know this isn’t an entirely new way of thinking, but I wanted to break it down to help you look at what you might want to include in your virtual presence.


1. What are your windows like?

Think about it. Every retail store, whether in a mall or on the street, has windows. These are used to give you a peek of what you will find inside. They show you the “hottest” trend, the most popular looks, anything they can to catch your eye.

Your website has a window as well, your “hero” image or top header. You see this on almost every website. It’s the first thing your eye goes to and tells you a lot about what you might...

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