Who is Steph McFee?

 I have a philosophy...connections are the keys to the kingdom

and curation is the lock.

  What does that mean?

  Each of us was born a masterpiece and inside of us we have everything we need to live the life of our dreams. That includes starting and growing a business.

As a Curator, I help you use your stories, gifts, and talents to design the business you have always wanted and get you ready for success. We start with identifying your "why", "what", and "how" and from there we build your Business Masterpiece.

Let's work together to Curate YOU! and your business.


So who I am...

I was born in Alabama and my southern roots still reign strong. From my use of “sir & ma’am”, to the “bless your hearts” that my lips will often utter, I am all southern belle. Aside from my love of fried okra and magnolia trees, I am a mama to an active little girl and am an avid traveler.

I will admit quite happily that I am a Disney fanatic and refer to anything Disney related as my “Happy Place”. My Disney Bucket list includes visiting every Disney park in the world. So far I have been able to check-off Disney World, Disneyland (Anaheim), and Disneyland Paris, so I have a few more to go.

My passions in life revolve around anything that empowers women and drives home a message of equality. A world in which people are treated with fairness and appreciated for their talents, not judged on who or what they believe, is my dream existence. And I believe that all things can be achieved when you build your connections and make them work for you. That is why I love being a connections curator.

I am a “MamaMcFee” and believe weeConnections are powerful for all of us so that we do not lose site of the magic of the days when the world was new to us. My daughter and I are also looking for new ways to strengthen our connection and get out and enjoy our world.

I am a daughter and believe our parents have so much to teach us, if we only listen.

I believe in fairies and dreams and want to see everyone I meet smile.

Join me on a journey to Curate YOU, curate your connections and be the person that makes the world smile.



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