Have an idea but not sure how to start?

Five steps + two hours = Business Breakthrough

Do you have an idea for a business? Something that is tugging at your heart? Inspiring your soul and so much more?

But are you hesitant to get started because you question:

  1. Can this idea really be a business?
  2. What would it take to get it done?

Then you need a Quick Start.

The "Why" Coach Quick StartTM program takes you through five exercises in two areas with the goal of giving you the clarity you need to go for your dreams.

In our two hours we will:

  • Learn how to identify your "why"
  • Establish "what" you will offer
  • Outline "how" you will do it
  • Determine quick wins
  • Outline 90 days action plan

You will leave this session with a clear vision for your business, the problem you are solving for potential customers, and what you will need to get going.

You will walk away knowing if your business idea is everything you thought and more!

As a bonus, I will include the checklists I used to start my business on the right foot along with the products and services I use to make it happen.

So are you ready to jump start your business?


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