Build Your Business

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It is possible!

Your business journey should be an exciting adventure.

Do you want to know simple ways to get to "what's next" in your business, before making the "scary investment?" Then don't wait, jump in the SunBuggy and let's go.

The SunBuggy is waiting for you!

Let’s take a ride together and get you in the driver’s seat of your business.

Are you a business owner that is:

  • Starting a new venture?
  • Wondering what might be missing in your business strategy?
  • Want to upgrade your website, marketing, and/or social media?

Are you overwhelmed by what is out there, not sure where to start and have sticker shock when looking for expert support?

Then it’s time to jump in the SunBuggy.

This is more than coaching, more than consulting. The SunBuggy is all about showing you the way to build your business fueled with the right strategies, plans, and knowledge.

Don't take the next step without the preparation a ride in the SunBuggy provides.

Hey there!

I'M Steph.

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I want to contribute to your success!

I like organizing other people's ideas to truly feed into their business growth by showing them "how to do it!"

I am passionate about getting you on the right track by equipping you with the basic tools and knowledge you need to make the financial investment choices to grow.

The SunBuggy is more than a consulting firm, it is a way of life.

You don't have to do it alone.

Imagine taking a trip with your bestie. You are filled with excitement because you know you are heading to a fabulous destination with someone that cares about you and wants to have just as much fun enjoying the journey as you do.

That's what it's like to work with me. Think of me as your "business bestie."

Quick Hour Chat

Let's start with getting to know each other. In this "quick session", you will leave with 2 - 3 ideas you can implement immediately.

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VIP Strategy Day

All good plans start with a first step and this is it! We will dive into your business and personal goals and create a plan to "drive forward."

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From a single project to monthly consulting, there are a variety of ways we can partner to drive your business growth.

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"Working with Steph has changed everything. Her guidance has not only showed me the possibilities, but has given me clear direction on how to grow my organization beyond my dreams." 

Mary Lourdes Saenz, Founder, Sisters-in-Arms

"Steph brought clarity to my business through her programs and one-to-one coaching. I was able to clearly identify the business I had been dreaming of and finally move forward in creating an authentic business based on my purpose.”

Maxine McChesney, Expand My Possibilities