Helping business owners turn their "why" into true business success.

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From starting with your "why" to starting a business, my online courses give you everything  you need to take the first steps to knowing and living your why.



Why go it alone? Work with me while you take a course or select a package to help you get your business going. I want to be with you on your "why not" journey.



Now you are up and running, let's continue to work together to build your dream business. I offer various packages focused on website, brand, and social media management.


I believe in YOU!

I've been working with women in both the corporate and entrepreneurial sectors,
and I have seen it all.

What have I learned? That you know your "why", but you just aren't ready
to embrace it.

Why? Because it's scary!
That's right, I said it. 

When you truly embrace your "why", you are saying you are ready to change. You are ready to evolve. You are ready to be your authentic self.

But I see you and I know you CAN do it!

Why not?

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

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Maxine McChesney

Maxine McChesney, 
Visibility Coach

Steph McFee brought clarity to my business through her programs and one-to-one coaching. I was able to clearly identify the business I had been dreaming of and finally move forward in creating an authentic business based on my purpose.

Nancy Allen

Nancy Allen, 
International Author, Speaker, & Transitions Guide

Through working with Steph as a consultant, we were able to very clearly identify our "why", "what", and "how" and launch several new initiatives that will provide long-term impact for our business.

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